10 of ginger tea benefits

Ginger and an herbaceous plant of oriental origin. In the kitchen and natural resources the rhizome ginger is used, fresh or dried and reduced to powder. In herbal medicine we use extracts of ginger oil and ginger Essential for the preparation of natural remedies.

Ginger And increasingly focus attention because of the many cite healing properties.

Here are ten key benefits of ginger health.

1) improve digestion
The beneficial properties of ginger help soothe the stomach, relax the gastrointestinal muscles and prevent gas formation and swelling. All this thanks to the carminative properties of ginger. Inoltre, ginger is recommended in case of diarrhea caused by bacteria. To digest better, try eating a piece of fresh ginger after a large meal.

2) Prevention of colds
Ginger helps the immune system and for this reason is used for the prevention and treatment of colds. Ginger and practical SIA Consume fresh What you need to use to prepare adequate infusions to prevent and alleviate cold and classic ailments of autumn and winter.

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3) relieve sore throat
Fresh ginger And really amazing in case of sore throat. Remedies grandmother teaches us to eat a piece of fresh ginger do just sit begins what the throat of a hurry. The beneficial properties of ginger soothe sore throats and if the discomfort of light and can help alleviate rather quickly. Ginger and a natural painkiller.

4) To relieve nausea
Ginger is recommended to relieve nausea, especially in the case of long trips by boat, car, bus or plane. Those suffering from motion sickness may in fact find benefits of chewing a piece of ginger, gingerbread or taking a herbal tea made from this ingredient.

5) Reduce the pain of arthritis
A recent study carried out in Denmark has shown that a specific ginger extract may be the most effective medications for relieving arthritic pain. IF experts are busy examining in cellular response in vitro, healthy or arthritis, for some anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone and ibuprofen come. The effects of ginger extract have been observed in them. The results have been surprising.

Information ginger

6) combat diabetes
Carried out a study from the University of Sydney Taken showed that ginger can help one keep blood sugar levels under control in diabetic nia patients. Experts have observed that ginger extracts are capable of increasing the amount of glucose voltage of muscles regardless of the speed of insulin in the blood. Merit would be gingerols contained in ginger flowers.

7) to soothe menstrual pain
Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural painkiller. Its features allow you to use it to relieve menstrual pain. Preparation of infusions, used and new seasoning ginger powder or asked to come in the herbal medicine of a ginger-based products suitable for your specific problem.

8) relieve headaches
Ginger may be able to relieve headaches, with special reference to migraine, because of its ability to prevent prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation. A level of blood vessels. In the case of migraine, advice and drink a ginger tea during attacks, to try to relieve pain.

9) calming the cough
Come and analgesic painkiller, ginger can be used to reduce coughing, especially if the electronic symptoms associated with the common flu. The heating action of ginger aids to remove mucus from the respiratory tract, which could be associated with the onset of cough and other very frequent problems, come colds.

10) relax the muscles
With ginger you can prepare a suitable massage oil to relax the muscle contracting. With ginger juice and fresh sesame oil you will get a suitable remedy to massage the body, for example, after workouts, but also the benefit to be applied depending on the case of dandruff and hair loss. Read the recipe in our forum.


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